“I purchased a 100 sq yard plot at Nyaya Nagar back in 1990 and sold it off recently, the appreciation over the original cost was over 200 times. This was by far the soundest investment that I ever made.
  • Ms. Gyanendra Yadav

“I had a very nice experience interacting with your sales reps, they have been patient and willing to listen and understand my need, rather than imposing their schemes and plans. It was a refreshing change”
  • Mr. Ram Singh – looking for property in Allahabad

"We are very impressed with the quality of materials and expertise of execution that we saw during the course of development of our society. Suncity has become the hallmark of quality in the Jhunsi region with unparallel development.
  • Mr. Dinesh Soni – Sun City

"Thank you very much for taking us patiently through your property & explaining the salient features. We were really impressed with you and I think that made the difference when we finally decided on CITIZEN HOUSING...."
  • Mr. Rajesh Singh – New Sun City

We we’re looking for our dream home to fit within our budget and got membership options from Citizen Housing at no-profit-no-loss rates
  • Mrs. Pooja Sabarwal – Nature Villa

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