Vadkari Panchayat – Legal Helpline Dedicated to the welfare of litigants

Despite crossing over 57 years of republic, maxim, "Interest of Litigants is Supreme" conferred by Indian Constitution has been remain dream." A slogan of interest of litigants is supreme for common people, which was shouted prior to a decade in court premises respectfully, now its formality has been stopped. Non-interest of litigants has became supreme in our judicial system. Lakhs of cases are pending from apex court to subordinate courts and the disposal of one fourth cases could possible after the death of original litigants. In the courts, more than half posts among sanctioned posts of judges have been lying vacant since many years. Presiding Officer of subordinate courts are engaged in other type of works in other department. New appointments have been pending from many years. Ultimately, as per Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court, "Judicial System have abolished and everything is dipping." In such circumstances whoever advocates the appropriateness of conducting the case outside the India in foreign court and it would be accepted that disposal of any case in India could not possible before ten years, hurting is natural and if the plea could be given by any former Chief Justice of Supreme Court, the effect of hurt become mere deep.

In this regard, judges and political leaders are concerned about, but least are taking concrete, meaningful and prompt step towards it.

Where today at the stage of development, entire country is equalizing itself with developed country in every field, the speed of judgment has become zero due to backwardness of judicial process in courts of state and obtaining speedy justice has become daydream. We all are concern and unhappy from this judicial system and are doing nothing except accusing Advocates and courts forcibly.

Thus not making a united effort over a slow judicial system, increasing number of cases, lack of the posts of judges and political and administrative inefficiency is hindrance in obtaining accessible, cheap and speedy justice.

We, to meet as many difficulties as we can, are going to together constitute this organization as our small endeavor named "Sahyog" which is a panchayat of Litigants and a helpline for legal aid. Progressive employees from Supreme Court to subordinate court, learned advocates, social activists and Honourable Judges are extending their cooperation in it. Thus, we all would have to make effort for obtaining speedy justice maintaining the dignity of Hon'ble Court. In which all of your co-operation is necessary. Yours plaint (case) be pending in whichever court of state, I shall attach with this platform in any way and apply "Litigant's Interest is supreme in courts strongly providing strength to organization/platform.

History is witness that Advocates have been participating increasingly always for the development of country and society. Advocates had maximum role among leading leaders of National Movement. Keeping in view these traditions and feelings our organization will provide free legal aid to those economically and socially worker section. Who are unable to approach at threshold of court due to their weak capacity.

Your suggestion is valuable for us and cordially invited.

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